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Project Description
Simple MVC controls helps to create an MVC web pages easily and without changing the context of the view.

This project is inspired by the Grid control in MVCContrib project.

Simple MVC Controls

The first release of this project contains only the Fieldset element where you can easily put other input controls from the MVC project.
I know that the initial realease could contain more, but it is developed by the YAGNI principle and this is what I need for my developer web pages.

I am thinking of several other improvements which will be implemented as soon as possible.


Usage of the control is very simple, if you need to create a fieldset inside your form, you can follow this template:
using(Html.BeginForm()) {
		"Create a new comment",
			item =>
				item.For("Email:", "email").TextBox(null).Validate();
				item.For("Url:", "url").TextBox(null, new {@class = "url"}).Validate();
				item.For("Comment:", "comment").TextArea(null, 5, 50, null).Validate();
				item.For("Remember me:", "rememberMe").CheckBox();
				item.For(Html.Submit("save", "Save comment"));


If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, please use the Issue tracker.

Thank you for your usage

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